On the hill on which Castel Tirolo is located, there is a very special facility, which is unique all over South Tyrol: the Bird Care Centre “Gufyland” has been established by the two experts Willy Campei and Florian Gamper and was inaugurated in 1998. This is where injured and defenceless wild birds find a helping hand, as they are cared for and afterwards released into their natural habitat. Every year more than 250 birds are brought into the Bird Care Centre. Birds are sheltered in one of the 24 aviaries, where visitors can observe the animals at close quarters.

A 300 m long educational trail takes you from one bird house to the next and on top of that provides interesting information on local bird fauna and flora. Moreover 10 information panels take you into the world of birds. However, that’s far from being all! The absolute highlights are the flight shows, taking place every day at 11.15 am and 3.15 pm (in winter only on Sundays and holidays at 3 pm). In these shows Mr. Eagle owl, vulture, buzzard and colleagues are released into the air above Castel Tirolo and hover above your heads. In this way you can see the animals at close quarters in action!

Are you planning a family getaway? So come to see the birds in the Bird Care Centre. The panoramic path from Castel Tirolo to the centre is walkable also with children and provides a fantastic view. Time some 20 enjoyable minutes for reaching the facility. For visitors with buggies: mind the steps at the entrance of the flight show area.